The New Wave of Making Love

by Eric Sims

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Unmastered and untamed, this conglomeration of songs takes the listener to many different destinations in 41 minutes. "The New Wave of Making Love" is about being uncomfortable and finding new ways to love ourselves, those around us, and the world in which we live.

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released March 9, 2014

Production and mixing by Eric Sims
Fox masks features Synnovea Cleveland
Magnum Pyramid features Ben Morphew and Olas



all rights reserved


Eric Sims Nashville, Tennessee

Young musician from Indianapolis IN now living in Murfreesboro TN.

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Track Name: Fox Masks
Go on ahead, go on ahead, nobody even wants you here, you're better off dead. x3

Track Name: Consequence of Appetite
What was is for? x2
Track Name: Mecca
When you think of me, do you fall to pieces? x2

The truth is inside you and it always has been. x2

When you think of me, do you fall to pieces? x2
Because I'm about to
Track Name: Earth Tongue
I'm like a mountain
Boulders fallin' off me crushing cars and weed
compress dissolve and leave this to me to take what you need, and I'ma make it better. No matter what.
With optic force I'm looking through my window
preaching charms of love and life but can't help ignore it.
See it for what it is. See it for what you want.

Crack the sky like smiles in camps.
Everything I do is great, I said everything I do is great.
Can't to anything alone in this world.
Shouldn't do much alone in this world.

I'ma break your glass
I'ma crack my axe across your face
This is the place, I said this IS the place where we're tryin to make this happen for ourselves
No excuses
just rules forced to swallow by ourselves
He said you said bogus like it's goin' out of style
all the while I'm sittin on this track flowin' universal language into your ears.

Shouldn't do much alone in this word. Shouldn't do much alone in this world
Can't do anything alone in this world.
Shouldn't do much alone in this world. Shouldn't do much alone in this world.
Can't do anything alone in this world.
Shouldn't do much alone in this world.
Track Name: Better When You're Gone
Been waiting 21 years
Ain't got no time for these tears
Ain't got no time to be wrong
Way better if you just gone
Step back and leave me alone
Ain't got no time for this song
Ain't got no time for this song
Step back just leave me alone

Caught up in this moment
Caught up in this chockin'
6 bodies left over
HAHA no I ain't jokin'
Is he really flowin"
Yes I'm really flowin'
Ain't you been listenin'
Oh, I caught you dozin'

Consequence of appetite
My brain wrong, my body right
Something else, I ain't the type
I swear to ya'll, I get it right
I'll marry ya'll, I am at flight
The question is "is you alright?"
I moves it up and shake it down
She just left so I know I'm right

Words flow like lava
Flew off her rocker
She ain't listen don't bother
She she up with no Poppa
She grew up with no Momma
And she got a daughter
Call me the Author
Now watch me slaughter

I like you better when you're gone. x2
Track Name: Garbage Eater
Shut your mouth, yeah
Garbage eater. shut your mouth, yeah yeah
Garbage eater, shut your mouth.
Track Name: Secret Love
If no one's watchin, come over and kiss me
If no one's lookin' step over and fell me
'cause we, got it figured out
Yes we have this figured out

Secret love x3
oh love

You speak to me in ways i've never heard
The colors inside me things I've never seen
We got it figured out
Yeah we have this figured out

secret love x 3

You reverse my gravity
Track Name: Talus
Feel this way

Let the current wash you away
Wash it away

At last
Let this current wash you away
Wash you away
Track Name: Somewhere in These Notes
"Mujhe tumse bahot pyaar hai. Aur mai itini khush houn kya mera zindigi main tum hai. Mera saval hai kya aik din, mera pouray zindigi aik bhunjayngai. Tumahare Sath."

Rough translation
"I love you so much. And I'm so happy that I have you in my life. I have this silly dream that one day, my life can morph into one. With you.
Track Name: Magnum Pyramid (The Flag)
It's more natural
to feel like I'm
living in your skin
under your nails

don't you love this pain?
don't you love me?
don't you love me?
you love to feel me
you feed me
don't you love this pain

you can feel it if you want to. x2

my eyes are closed
so, reach your hand down my throat
my mouth is open
the teeth are not in

so leave me
tattered up
like the flag you fly x2

just listen
just listen
I can be your puppet
I come with strings attached
I can be your puppet
I come with strings attached

just listen
fly me high
Track Name: Magnum Pyramid (False Body)
billy graham sample...
"When Sir Walter Raleigh had layed his head upon the executioner's block, and the officer asked if his head lay right, Sir Wlater Raleigh said 'it matters little my friend how the head lies, provided the heart is right.' The heart has come to stand for the center of the moral, spiritual, and intellectual life of a man. It's the seed of a man's conscience and life. And the question I want to ask you tonight is this, is your heart right? The Bible describes the heart in varius ways. The Bible says that our hearts are sinful. That it's full of evil imaginations. Proverbs 6:18 'the heart that devises wicked imaginations.' All of the wicked imaginations that Hitler had. All of the wicked imaginations that the great criminals of histroy has all came from the heart. The bible says that our hearts are despiritly wicked. The heart is despiritly wicked, wouldn't you know it. Now I'm looking at it the way God looks at it. You see, God looks down deep inside of you, God sees how you really are....."

This fighting will never end
momma says it will be o.k.
i believe
fire up the engines,fire up the earth
too many of us have been left behind
chemical imbalances
don't forget me

the flowers are dead
the sky rains fire
the water has evaporated

children have vanished, they followed the piper
get down on your knees
pray to God
my nails have been ripped away
they left me here to survive
get back on your feet
try to survive
get back on your feet
keep on marching
I did not believe this could happen
fires are burning me alive
Track Name: Magnum Pyramid (Riddles in the Dark)
It's hard to deal with this sin
I'm alone, I feel I have been left to fend for myself

because this addiction, I've lost myself
Don't turn the lights out, they turned the light out
because this addiction, I've lost my self
don't turn the lights out, they turned the lights out

you took my eyes for months
I grew stronger
you left me in the forest to live like a beast
my nails grew longer
I adapted to the weather, so
beleive in me, believe in me
believe in me, believe in me

where did I go
tell me I'm not the only one
where did I go
remember, remember
just remember one thing
it's your loss
fill my empty soul
I've seen things taken from me
I know why
the only one I loved
gone for no reason, gone for no reason
I can only blame me, myself
my sin
my sin within this demon, this omen
if you have something left for me to believe in
will you send it down upon me
send it down