Magnum Pyramid (False Body)

from by Eric Sims



billy graham sample...
"When Sir Walter Raleigh had layed his head upon the executioner's block, and the officer asked if his head lay right, Sir Wlater Raleigh said 'it matters little my friend how the head lies, provided the heart is right.' The heart has come to stand for the center of the moral, spiritual, and intellectual life of a man. It's the seed of a man's conscience and life. And the question I want to ask you tonight is this, is your heart right? The Bible describes the heart in varius ways. The Bible says that our hearts are sinful. That it's full of evil imaginations. Proverbs 6:18 'the heart that devises wicked imaginations.' All of the wicked imaginations that Hitler had. All of the wicked imaginations that the great criminals of histroy has all came from the heart. The bible says that our hearts are despiritly wicked. The heart is despiritly wicked, wouldn't you know it. Now I'm looking at it the way God looks at it. You see, God looks down deep inside of you, God sees how you really are....."

This fighting will never end
momma says it will be o.k.
i believe
fire up the engines,fire up the earth
too many of us have been left behind
chemical imbalances
don't forget me

the flowers are dead
the sky rains fire
the water has evaporated

children have vanished, they followed the piper
get down on your knees
pray to God
my nails have been ripped away
they left me here to survive
get back on your feet
try to survive
get back on your feet
keep on marching
I did not believe this could happen
fires are burning me alive


from The New Wave of Making Love, released March 9, 2014
Vocals- Ben Morphew
Bass- Olas
Drums- inspired by David Peterson



all rights reserved


Eric Sims Nashville, Tennessee

Young musician from Indianapolis IN now living in Murfreesboro TN.

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